Chocolissimo, one of the leading premium Belgian chocolate brands in Romania, estimates RON 1.2 million in sales in the first quarter of this year, a 100% growth from the same period of last year.

The positive dynamic is due to the rise in the notoriety of the Chocolissimo brand in Romania, where it has been active since 2015, and to the development of a new Spring product collection dedicated exclusively to the local market.

Through its Spring collection, the brand targets the corporate orders sector in particular, which brings 80 percent of the sales in this period, as well as individual spring gift orders.

“Romania is the only country in the group that celebrates the ‘Martisor’ holiday and as a result of the increase in the sale of specific products during this period in previous years, we have managed to develop products that are dedicated to this period for the Romanian market,” says Aura Oprea, shareholder in Savorisa, the company that owns the Chocolissimo brand on the local market.

The best selling products of the Chocolissimo portfolio are personalised figurines, made for the corporate segment, as well as chocotelegrams, messages made up of chocolate letters, chosen most often by individual clients who order online.

Aura Oprea added, “Our corporate clients look for products that elegantly communicate their brand. Most of them avoid the classic gift baskets, seasonal arrangements or pralines. The high degree of personalisation our products offer allows a creative approach to the idea of a business gift, no matter the occasion.”

Chocolate telegrams are the best selling products online, and the average value of an online order is RON 150.

The first quarter of the year represents 30 percent of the brand’s annual sales. In 2017, Chocolissimo had sales of RON 2.3 million, and they are estimating a 50 percent growth for 2018, up to RON 3.5 million.

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