Almost two million employees in the private sector have seen a reduction in their salary since the beginning of the year, when the social insurance contributions were transferred from employers to employees, according to Florin Jianu, the president of the National Council of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (CNIPMMR).

Jianu stated, “If we’re going to draw a conclusion, it’s a generalised chaos. The public sector doesn’t really know where they are with salaries, you’ll see governmental decisions again, emergency orders, the private sector doesn’t know how they’re applied at the moment. If we look on paper, right now almost 2 million employees in the private sector have smaller salaries, without taking into account the fact that entrepreneurs are finding other ways of rewarding their employees.”

The council will present exact data in a few weeks, after conducting a study on the subject, he added.

Jianu says that salaries dropped especially in the IT sector, which represents 6 percent of GDP.

“We want the best for our employees. There are sectors, for example constructions, that can’t find workers. And they really didn’t need any of these changes.”

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