Romania and Hungary plan to build a high speed railway of TGV type between Cluj and Budapest, said Peter Szijjarto, minister of External Affairs and External Trade of Hungary, at Bucharest after the meeting with the Romanian minister of External Affairs, Teodor Melescanu.

He announced that the Hungarian Government approved a budget of HUF one billion for a feasibility study for the railway between Budapest and Cluj-Napoca. The Romanian party aims to expand this railway to Bucharest and Szijjarto says that he is not against the idea.

There is an agreement regarding the ten temporary points for crossing the boarder line, built at the boarder line between Hungary and Romania, two of them to become soon permanently opened, the necessary legal and technical preparations in this sense being already initiated by the two Governments, said Szijjarto.

At the meeting with Melescanu at Bucharest, Szijjarto discussed also about the Ukrainian learning system law and the minorities issues that are now on the bilateral relations agenda.

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