Around 30,000 people will be invited to visit Romania next year, while the country holds the Presidency of the EU Council, which will be beneficial to Romania’s image and have a positive effect for citizens, said the minister delegate for European Affairs, Victor Negrescu, in a discussion with participants at the Transylvanian School of Politics.

The minister detailed the preparations of Romania’s Presidency in 2010. He reminded of the recent launch of the official website and spoke about intending to organise events throughout the country.

He believes that organising events across the country will send the message that “anywhere you are in Europe, you matter.”

“During the Presidency we’ll have around 30,000 guests who will visit and I think that if they see Romania as it is, they will feel welcome, they’ll talk about it, they’ll promote the country,” the minister stated, adding that this image boost “could turn into investments, into more tourists.”

According to Negrescu, it will be an occasion for our country to present its European views and to “increase the administrative capacity in European Affairs.”

He also spoke about organising a post-Brexit summit in Sibiu, which involves the presence of 27 European leaders, 36 official delegations, 24 languages spoken, 400 high ranking guests and 800 journalists.

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