IAB Academy is an education program developed by IAB Romania, with IAB Europe’s and the professionals from the local industry’s support. The digital marketing support’s in the communication strategy and the available technologies in the digital environment for reaching the proposed objectives are the pillars of the discussion themes approached by the speakers.

Starting 2016, the program included a series of short-term courses (1/2 days), divided in two modules, as it follows: Module 1- The Fundamentals of Digital Communication and Module 2 – Specialized Trainings. Therefore, the second Module will be completed this year on February 22nd and 23rd. Steve Thompson, Digital Media Consultant and the Owner of Thompson Digital Training, will be speaking during two courses of one day each, about the role and the efficiency of the marketing content and the evolution of the audience in online. 

Content Marketing, February 22nd

A one day course dedicated to brands, agencies and media owners that already have the experience and the basic knowledge in the working with campaigns based on content. This course will include examples of B2B, as well as B2C.

The practical benefits: The understanding of the content marketing role in the advertising and marketing mix. The planning, creation, execution and measuring of the efficient content marketing measurement. To inspire the creativity in the digital advertising and to disseminate the best practices. During the course will be highlighted the most recent trends and accomplishments in the field.

Introduction in Attribution, February 23rd

The road until the purchase become more and more complicated, taking in account the fact that the possible customers research and but products both offline and through the means of deices and multiple online locations. In the conditions of the new technological developments regarding the audience and the analytics and a better understanding of the road done by the user towards the purchase, marketers can have a clearer image of what it actually means the efficiency in the digital advertising.

This one day course, dedicated to the media and marketing professionals will offer the participants information related to the most recent trends and practices in measuring campaigns and media spending. This workshop is good for those people with experience in digital advertising and practical knowledge of audience analytics.

The new workshop dedicated Attribution will highlight the way in which it advances the attribution modelling and will offer new insights regarding the challenges the brands, the agencies and the media owners are confronting themselves with at this moment.

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