Kaufland Romania will open on Wednesday a new hypermarket in Buzau, the second in the city, and will total 118 units. 

By opening the new shop, Kaufland creates over 100 new jobs in Buzau and cements its position as the main employers in the country, Kaufland said in a statement.

The new hypermarket, located on Bulevardul Unirii, occupies a total surface of 4,600 square meters and has a parking lot offering 203 places for cars and a bike parking.

The Buzau hypermarket has a modern design that was implemented by Kaufland in Romania as part of a national process of modernisation in order to offer clients a simplified shopping experience.

According to company representatives, because the environment is an important factor for Kaufland, the hypermarket functions using green technologies, and uses a heating system based on green technology.

“The design of the space influences very much the quality of the time spent shopping, therefore, from today on we are welcoming people of Buzau with a new colourful , modern and light shop. This year, Kaufland celebrates 50 years in Europe and are glad that today we offer our clients a complete shopping experience,” said Valer Hancas, Kaufland Romania corporate affairs & communication director said.

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