The Competition Council analyzes the maintenance services of medical radiology-imaging equipments. The institution observed that currently there is no clear and complete evidence of the companies that can provide service for the devices/ equipments of radiology-imaging.

„The lack of a data base that can provide an evidence of the service suppliers on clear criteria, for example types of equipments, producers, etc., can affect the competitive process, as it generates an asymmetry both between service-bidders and its clients, such as hospitals, polyclinics, private offices, etc, as well as between the producers of devices/equipments and their suppliers-partners, who don’t know their real or potential competitors, which is reflected in the end on the final consumer,” says the Competition Council in a release.

The analysis focused on a better understanding of the manner of companies’ activity development both on service market, as well as on the markets related to it, such as the production or distribution of devices/equipments of radiology-imaging, but also the organization of professional training or the specialization offered to employees.

Also were analyzed some aspects regarding the relations between companies and the public authorities with specific authorization competences for the service activity development for devices/equipments of radiology-imaging.

The analysis can be seen on the institution’ s site and the notifications can be submitted up to 30 days.

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