Alin Tapalaga is appointed general director of Porsche Inter Auto Romania starting January, returning in Romania after an international career of seven years within the company. Tapalaga replaces Peter Copetti, who finished the four year mandate at the end of December.

Tapalaga joined Porsche Inter Auto Romania in 1998. He had been general director of Porsche Inter Auto Romania, together with Dana Cortina until 2011. Afterwards, he joined  Porsche Holding Salzburg, where he opened the company’s operations in Columbia.

Starting the beginning of 2016, Tapalaga has taken over the managing director position of Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia.

“The experience has been unique, due to the complexity, taking into account that besides import and distribution, we had local production. A big auto market of 600,000 units/year, extremely aggressive, but very attractive,” said Tapalaga.

Starting January 10, Copetti leads the Porsche Inter Auto operations in Poland, a market with sales of over 500,000 units in 2017. He will manage a network of 15 dealerships, a team of 880 employees and a sales volume of 18,000 cars.

“The four years spent within Porsche Inter Auto Romania represented an extraordinary experience for me, a constant increasing path, that capitalized the market growth trend,” said Copetti.

In Romania, the number of cars sold annually increased from 66,000 in 2013 to 135,000 in 2017, the sales of the company registered a growth of over 90 percent.

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