Around 65 percent of the employees that work in Romanian companies do overtime. Most of them work overtime due to the high workload and the lack of personnel. Other reasons are the promotion desire and the bad management, according to My HR Lab.  

In the companies active in professional service sector, approximately 75 percent of the employees work overtime, while in the IT&C companies the percentage is lower, respectively 54 percent of the employees.

Out of the employees that don’t hold leading functions, the percentage of those who work overtime is 61 percent. In the multinational companies, approximately 62 percent of the employees use to work overtime, while in the local companies the percentage of employees that work overtime is 70 percent.

Only one in three employers offer benefits to the employees that work overtime. In IT&C sector, approximately 40 percent of the employers give perks to the employees, while in the professional services sector, only 25 percent of the companies offer benefits.

The most used benefits for the employees for overtime are the vacation days, financial benefits or the program flexibility.

Beatrice Galatanu, business owner My HR Lab: “Generally companies don’t give benefits for the employees who work overtime. But it’s known that the most dynamic industry in Romania is IT&C and the companies in this field offer the best benefits to have a high retention of the employees.”

Over 80 percent of the respondents, employed in the companies in Romania, think that Romanians work overtime, according to a study made during June-August by the HR company My HR Lab.

The study was developed online, via social media channels, as well as via the My HR Lab database with the respondents that have previously filled in My HR Lab’ surveys. There were 600 respondents employed in Romania, in multinational companies (67 percent), local companies (22 percent), companies with mix capital (8 percent) and public institutions (3 percent). Most of them (70 percent) don’t have leading positions. Out of overall respondents, 40 percent have over seven years of experience, 34 percent are specialists with experience between 3-7 years and 26 percent have between 1-3 years of experience.

My HR Lab is a Romanian start-up set up in 2015 that aims to change the manner in which HR people and managers learn about HR.


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