Holcim Romania developed StartCasa, the first digital platform in Romania through which  construction experts can reach the general public and future house owners in particular. StartCasa is a project developed within Holcim Romania which simplifies the information process related to a new residential building by ofering complete and qualitative information.

“StartCasa is our digital platform through which future house owners are connected with the trusted expertise they need to build their dream house. This is how, step by step, we grow a community that shares our vision – So Romania builds better!”, said Sofiane Benmaghnia, CEO Holcim Romania.

Built as a mobile application, StartCasa offers structured information for those who are gathering the information for planning and building a future house. Launched in January 2017, the app was downloaded over 82,000 times, and now it is also available for the iOS smartphone users.

“We believe that any project should be primarily about people. StartCasa exists to improve and advance, alongside with with the community, the quality, the comfort and the safety of the houses built in Romania. This is the mission we assume”, said Vlad Ungureanu, Head of StartCasa.

From selecting the appropriate field for construction and ending with the garden design, the application guides the user step by step into the construction process. The content is created by an extended team of experts such as architects, structure and construction engineers, real estate or financial consultants, together with the StartCasa team.

Each of the nine construction phases found in the app integrates relevant content into over 80 different topics. Users can also find in the app examples of good practices, advantages and disadvantages connected to various building solutions, but also practical advice in interviews with specialists in the field. The app is a tool that helps  the future house owner gain and keep the control over the construction process and does not replace the need for specialists while building the house.

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