Starting December 2017, Ericsson will modernise the RCS&RDS (Digi) network to prepare it for the arrival of the 5G and IoT services. The multi-annual contract marks the first collaboration between the two companies at a local level.

Ericsson was chosen by RCS&RDS to modernise its mobile network in Romania, offering its users the possibility to benefit from improved mobile broadband services. The telecom operator will replace the equipment already available in the Digi network of other vendors, with the latest radio equipments in its portfolio that can support NarrowBand-IoT (BN-IoT) and 5G. The project is primarily focused on modernisation of the Bucharest network and other large cities, marking the first collaboration in Romania of the two companies.

The contract also includes the implementation of access points based on the Radio Ericsson System (ERS), which can support 3G and 4G services, preparing, at the same time, the network for 5G. The new solution will support IoT type services, giving RCS&RDS the possibility to launch fast innovate B2B solutions and to identify and value new opportunities.

“By collaborating with Ericsson, we will be able to benefit from the experience and global expertise of their team to significantly modernise our radio network, so that we can efficiently support the constant increase of data and internet consumption,” Valentin Popoviciu, RCS&RDS executive VP said.

“The operators need solutions they can implement now in their networks to meet the increase of the current services and to prepare for the arrival of 5G,” Arun Bansal, Ericsson senior VP, Head of Europe and Latin America said. “By making the first steps towards building a network that can be prepared for a future evolution, RCS&RDS will be able to value the 5G and IoT technologies already. This partnership represents a first major step for Romania towards 5G and IoT, by bringing  our experience of using mobile broadband services to another level. At the same time, our solutions, renown at industry level, will allow RCS&RDS to explore new business opportunities and to develop as it evolves towards 5G.”

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