PPT Preturi Pentru Tine, the Romanian clothing and footwear retailer, moved to the City Offices office building, part of Globalworth’s portfolio.

The company leased 1,700 square meters in a deal that was brokered by real estate consultancy Griffes.

The office building is located at the intersection between Oltenitei and Giurgiului Roads, just two metro stations away from Unirii Square.

Initially designed as a shopping centre, the two connected office buildings that make up City Offices have been transformed to include office and commercial spaces following a major renovation process completed in late 2014.

The occupancy rate of the office complex is above 70 percent.

“Moving our company’s headquarter into the City Offices building is part of the group’s development plan, following current trends in HR. We opted for open spaces with natural light and a pleasant ambience. We have an organizational culture in which we support the communication among all team members and their inclusion in the company strategy, and the space for the new office has been chosen so as to facilitate the interaction between the departments and the day-to-day decision-making processes,” said Roxana Prisacariu, Group HR director of PPT.

The retailer was founded in 2006 by four Romanian entrepreneurs. At the moment, the company has 1,100 employees and will conclude the year with 187 stores in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria.

Next year, the company plans to expand into Serbia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Ukraine and Georgia.

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