Carrefour Romania reiterates its ambition to become the strongest competitor in Romania’s food e-commerce sector, through the portal and the BRINGO platform, both of which enjoying notable performances in 2019.

In line with this endeavor, the company has recently launched its newest mobile app, which brings together the in-store and online experiences, allowing users to purchase, pay, and order online, using their mobile device.

Carrefour Romania comes with a strategic repositioning in terms of e-commerce, which, together with all the initiatives under the “Act For Food” program, has the key objective of transitioning towards healthy alimentation, accessible to all. This means bringing quality food to Romanians, at an affordable price. To fulfill this goal, Carrefour will continue its actions under the “Act For Food” philosophy, through its four areas, BIO products, own-brands, the Quality Lines, and the Carrefour Vărăști Agricultural cooperative, bringing healthy food and authentic products closer to its clients.

The launch of the new mobile app comes to fill in the in-store experience with a series of mobile options, that together with the specific actions carried out by the company in order to achieve an accessible alimentation, represent the prerequisites of the company’s new e-commerce model.

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