The PVC processor and main materials producer for constructions market, Teraplat group, received the approval from the Competition Council to take over Politub, which operates in the water and gas pipes market.

As a result of this decision, Teraplast will acquire the main stake of 49.99 percent of Politub, in addition to the already owned stake of 50 percent, owning thus directly 99.99 percent of Politub shares and indirectly 0.01 percent through Terasteel S.A.

Mirela Pop, general director Teraplast, said: “Politub represents an important pillar in the Terapalst group’s business. Through its products, complementary to the ones manufactured in the rest of the group, we have the possibility of offering diversified solutions to our partners. Although the factory already owns six production lines, we’ll continue to invest for the development of this products segment.”

Teraplast, together with the Terasteel subsidiary, signed on August 3 the contract with New Socotub S.A., France, to acquire the 49.99 percent stake in Politub.

Before signing the shares acquisition contract, Teraplast owned a 50 percent stake in Politub SA, in Saratel village, near Bistrita-Nasaud county.

The production facilities of the group’s companies are localized in the industrial park Teraplast, developed on a surface of over 200,000 sqm, near Bistrita municipality.

Teraplast group has an annual turnover of over RON 400 million. The products’ portfolio of the group is structured in six business lines.

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