Romania is one of the winemaking countries in Europe with a tradition spanning millennia. Find below some of Romania’s major winemaking regions and the best winemakers to visit for a tasting.

Moldovei Hills

This is an area rich in vineyards, with Cotnari, Nicoresti, Panciu, Odobesti and Cotesti being among the most famous. This should not stop you from exploring the smaller and emerging vineyards of the region, so take this as a starting point for your journey and make sure to have a healthy mix.

Munteniei and Olteniei Hills

Do not miss the Dealu Mare, Samburesti and Dragasani, all well-established names in the region, and make sure to give Craiovei Hills, Severinului and Plaiurile Drancei a thought, because you’re in for pleasant surprises.

Dobrogei Hilock wine region

What it misses in numbers, this region makes up in quality. Murfatlar, a leading Romanian vineyard, a well-established label with a long tradition, is joined in the region by Istria Babadag and Sarica-Niculitel vineyard.

Maramuresului Hills wine region

When visiting Maramures, apart from the beautiful architecture and traditions, consider paying a visit to Satmarului Hills, the only vineyard in the region.

Crisanei Hills wine region

When traveling in the region, you can pick between Minis-Maderat, Diosig, Valea lui Mihai, and Silvaniei vineyards.

Banatului Hills wine region

Banatului Hills are home to the vineyard of the same name, Banatului vineyard.

Danube Terraces wine region

Nearby the capital, the Ostrov and Greaca vineyards are very accessible and well worth a visit.

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