The Romanian Beer Association announces a growth by over 2 percent in volume of the beer market in the first seven months of the year, compared with the same period of 2016.

„The beer evolution during January-July was a positive one, but moderate. Currently, we consider that are met all the premises for the market to continue the evolution, but only the results at the year-end will confirm or not the consolidation of this trend. A determinant factor in the positive evolution of the beer market remains for sure the economic context and a predictable regulation framework, those which allowed the beer market to evolve naturally since the last year, based on the demand and offer dynamic,” said Julia Leferman, general director of the Romanian Beer Association.

The beer sector has an important role in the Romanian economy development due to the national feature, with a local production of over 97 percent and the usage of ingredients from the local agriculture for 70 percent.

Leferman added: “To buy a liter of beer, a Romanian has to work 22 minutes, while a German needs to work only 8 minutes and a Dutch 9 minutes. The intervention of an unpredictable economic factor can increase anytime this gap, with negative consequences on the entire activities chain connected to the beer production: agriculture, HoReCa, retail, transports, packaging industry.”

The beer sector has a significant positive influence also on the occupancy level of work force, by creating directly and indirectly in the entire country 85,000 jobs for Romanians.

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