The number of firms with foreign capital newly set up in Romania increased by 12 percent in the first eight months of the year, compared with the similar period of 2016, to 3,951 units, according to the data of the National Office of Trade Registry (ONRC).

These companies had a subscribed social capital in value of over USD 34.1 million, a growth by 14.4 percent compared with January-August 2016.

In August, compared with the same month of 2016, the number of founded companies increased by 13.6 percent to 449 firms.

Romania registered in 2016 the weakest year from the last 18 years regarding the newly set up firms with foreign capital. Thus, in 2016, 5,328 such firms were created, a drop from 5,831 units in 2015. After 1991, most of the companies were set up in 2007, when were registered over 15,000 of this kind of firms. On the other hand, the least companies were in 1995, respectively 3,400.

The total value of the social capital of the 5,348 firms reached USD 40 million.

During 1991-2016, some 209,814 firms with foreign capital were created, with their social subscribed capital being over EUR 44.8 billion.


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