Romanian president Klaus Iohannis underlined during the United Nations General Assembly taking place this week in New York that the country wants to hold a role in the Security Council in the next years.

“Our bid for a non-permanent seat during the tenure of 2020-2021 is about my country’s sincere engagement in supporting the UN efforts for peace and security. It is about our enduring commitment to peace, development and justice.

If our endeavor to become a non-permanent member of the Security Council for the term 2020-2021 is successful, we will be honored to work even harder for the advancement of our common projects and of the Organization as a whole,” said the head of state, according to a transcript of his speech.

Highlights from the president’s speech:

On counter-terrorism: “Romania remains committed to the common initiative developed with Spain for the future possible establishment of an International Court against Terrorism.”

On extremist trends: “In a context of increasing violence and disinformation, Romania is convinced that only through quality education we can counter extremist trends which our youth is facing today.”

On conflicts in the Black Sea area: “The belt of protracted conflicts around the Black Sea remains a serious threat. We are still witnessing actions undertaken at the expense of the principles and norms of international law.”

Meanwhile, president Iohannis posted on his Facebook a photo taken with American president Donald Trump, alongside their wives, at a special reception where delegations from the UN Assembly were invited.

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