Mantor announces the completion of the building works for Stejarul University student  dorm, close to the Polytechnic University, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy and the Bucharest University.

The projects belongs to Stejarul Educational Serv SRL, which invested EUR 1 million for a 1,200 sqm building that can accommodate 16 students in individual rooms with private bathrooms.

Stejarul – Campus Universitar rooms are available for students from any faculty in Bucharest, in exchange for a monthly rent of EUR 250, plus the additional costs for campus services. These include daily in-room cleaning, weekly laundry for sheets and towels, and daily breakfast and dinner.

Optionally, students can benefit from weekly laundry services for clothes and daily lunch for EUR 117 /month.

„Stejarul university campus is much more than a student dorm. It represents the possibility of living in a real academic environment that promotes personal training and development of each individual. We began the construction works in June 2016 and we have completed the construction without any issues this year, in September,” said Tomas Manjon, managing partner of Mantor.

Students have access to a series of academic, cultural, or sport-related activities.

The founders of Mantor Group own a portfolio of 16 premium and luxury construction projects, which account for more than 500,000 sqm in Spain and Romania.

Mantor is a Spanish group founded by Tomas Manjon, Diego Stuyck and David Tortosa in 2015. On the Romanian market, the group has 4 divisions: Real Estate Development, General Contractor, Interior Design), Property & Facility Management.

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