The British state secretary minister for trade Greg Hands has arrived in Bucharest and announces that the UK government will double the financial aid for Romania to increase the bilateral trade relations.

The UK Export Finance, the government’s agency for export, will increase the financial aid to GBP 4 billion to help British exporters and Romanian importers to intensify the commercial exchanges. The aid is offered in RON and the Romanian business persons can access these funds when choosing to work with British suppliers.

The announcement comes after the meeting of Hands with Romanian Government’ representatives and representatives of the Mayor Office at Bucharest, as well as with Romanian and British business people. The British minister and the Romanian minister for business environment Ilan Laufer attended an event organized by the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC).

„The bilateral British-Romanian trade exchanges currently reach GBP 3.6 billion and in the first five months of the year they registered an increase by over 5 percent; this figure is the result of the activity of over 50,000 British companies in Romania. I believe that this relation will bloom, bringing new opportunities for the business sector and consumers,” said Hands.

Hands had in the past the role of president of the friendship Parliament group for Romania.

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